Meet The Team

Owner and Head Senior Lash Technician

Melody has dedicated the last six years working in the lash industry. With her combined knowledge and experience in this field, she is a highly certified lash expert in both Asia and North America. Her passion for learning the best skills and latest trends will ensure that you receive the best lash experience when you visit Flux Lash Bar.

Senior Lash Technician

Sepideh is a professional eyelash technician that has dedicated years to mastering the skillful technique that is lashing. Her passion for lashing has allowed her to gain 4+ years in the lashing and beauty industry. Sepideh specializes in volume sets and enjoys designing different lash sets and maps for her clients. She is especially passionate about all things lash and beauty related, and looks forward to beautifying all of her Flux clients!


Layla is a certified eyelash extension technician with 3 years of experience in the lash industry. Layla’s passion is routed in helping others find their inner confidence by enhancing their natural beauty! She does this by using advance techniques to provide every client with a custom look while keeping their natural lashes healthy. Layla expresses her creativity and style with eyelash extensions by keeping up with all the latest trends in the beauty industry!


Nicole is Flux’s Brow Technician, and specializes in Ombré Powder & Microblading, as well as Brow Henna, Brow Lamination, tinting and shaping. She has 3+ years experience in the brow & beauty industry and is very passionate about helping everyone look their best, feel their best, and embrace their natural beauty by enhancing one of the most important features – the brows.


From booking your lash and brow appointments to managing Flux’s social media platforms, Eva is incredibly passionate about making every client that comes into Flux feel like they’re at home. Her number one priority is providing the best possible experience for you. Eva looks forward to greeting you at your next appointment.


Elaina Is Flux’s Creative Brand Strategist. Her job involves a variety of responsibilities. These include overseeing marketing strategies, developing future plans, and spearheading the educational goals of the company. Elaina is extremely passionate about all things beauty and business and is enthusiastic about the future growth of Flux!