Just like any other beauty procedure, there are a few things that you need to take care of
so your set of brows will have the best outcome!

The great thing abount Brow Lifts/Lamination is that the aftercare is very minimal! Your aftercare will only consist of a few restrictions over the next 24 hours:

It is important to follow restrictions above for the full 24 hour period, as failure to do so may result in loosening the hairs and solutions used, causing the brows to fall out of their permed position faster than normal. Keep in mind that everyone is different, but a brow lamination should typically last 6-8 weeks if properly cared for, However, certain factors like skin type, hair growth cycle/ type, and lifestyle can all contribute to how long you results will last.

Immediately after your Brow Lamination services, they may appear more lifted than you expected. However, all Brow Lamination will settle within the 24 hour period, giving you a more relaxed and natural look. To maintain the shape, use the brow brush that we have provided you to brush them up and into shape each morning to ensure they stay put all day long.